Shermaynes Engineering finishes every product it produces to a consistently high standard. Our in-house services have been developed to an exceptional level, ensuring that our metal finishing meets the expectations of the most critical eye.

How do we do it?

Our extensive powder coating facilities allow for speedy production, while maintaining flexibility. We can accommodate a wide variety of shapes sizes and materials, from one offs to full production runs. For repetitive items, our on-line powder coating plant hosts a 110m long conveyor, which includes an iron phosphate pre-treatment and automatic spray facility, for maximum quality and time-efficient finishing.

For larger or more complex components, our off-line plant contains a 20m3 gas-fired box oven, where each powder coated item receives phosphate pre-treatment. The coating process uses the appropriate combination of epoxy and/or polyester thermosetting resins, in formulations tailored to the component’s end use. These resins deliver a durable, attractive finish, intended to suit a broad range of domestic and industrial applications.

In addition to our powder-coating plant, Shermaynes houses a separate, self-contained wet-spray facility, used after each component is first pre-treated
Shermaynes’ off-site finishing processes include zinc plating and passivation, wet-spray of oversized items, and chemical etching and blacking. For more information on these services, please get in touch.
As with all of our processes, finishing is available as a sub-contract stand-alone service, or as part of a production package. Each of our finished components is stringently tested to exact customer specification, to ensure that we have achieved the desired integrity of finish and suitability for the ultimate working environment.

To find out more about Shermaynes' services, from design through to finishing, please get in touch with us via

T:+44 (0) 1524 69333 | E:info@shermaynes.co.uk


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