Shermaynes aims to provide exceptional, end-to-end, sub-contract engineering services to every customer. In order to achieve this, we rely on our dedicated and friendly team across a broad variety of roles. Together we deliver operational excellence and have done so consistently since our doors opened in 1960.

We are always keen for our people to progress within the business, and many of our semi-skilled positions are held by people who joined us as labourers, just as our shopfloor supervisors and management are all skilled engineers in their own right. We support our employees with ongoing training and development and aim to have a multi-skilled team of people at every level.

Shermaynes is proud to hire and develop its staff in the following areas:


Our apprentices join us from BAE Systems and work on their programme in conjunction with us; they are granted the opportunity to spend increased amounts of time here as the apprenticeship progresses, to really get involved in the business. Apprentices at Shermaynes have the option to specialise or become general engineers.

Unskilled positions

Our labourers have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks across the factory. We value the flexibility these team members give us to move people around depending on work flow, to suit the needs of the business. In return, they are able to experience the full range of what we do at Shermaynes and develop a better understanding of our processes.

Semi-skilled positions

Our technicians either bring their skillset to Shermaynes, or are professionally trained in-house. They are an important asset to the business and enable us to make the most of our investments in advanced plant and equipment.

Skilled positions

Time-served sheet-metal workers and fabricators handle the most complex jobs in the factory in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Without these highly skilled members of the team, we would not be able to maintain our consistent and exceptional standards.

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